1971 chrysler new yorker

By this point in history, all Chrysler vehicles had unibody designs, with a subframe to support the engine, transmission, steering and front suspension. – I agree with those who prefer the four-doors to coupes. Its body seemed too big for its wheels and the tiny glassed turret above, like a reinterpreted, expanded businessman’s coupe. I agree with you on the “Chrysler New Yorker” name. Fellow fuselage fan checking in! And Memphis TN is not the harshest climate). 300/Three Hundred In 1969, all full-size Dodges, Chryslers, Plymouths and Imperials were redesigned. The crazy thing is, even tho the fenders are ready for the Vatican Museum of Holy Relics, it’s a rare drive in which nobody gives me the thumbs up as they pass the other way or someone in a parking lot doesn’t compliment the car. Another fuselage fan here. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The windshield washer nozzles were misaimed and would send streams of washer fluid over his car onto the car behind him. Chrysler ads from 1961 on pointedly noted that the division did NOT sell a compact (or “junior edition” as the ads referred to such cars). I have a fond spot for the big C!! An airplane, that’s what.”. Chrysler also experienced its first brush with death in 1970. Alas, mine has crank windows. Just last night I drove my ’71 New Yorker 4-door hardtop 300 miles from our farm to the city. Your email address will not be published. He has had the car a few years, and other than a possible repaint in the original color (it looks good in the pictures, but is a bit more worn in person), he is keeping it just the way it is. It didn’t help that Chrysler quality remained hit-or-miss despite the company’s efforts to shed the rusty tin can reputation that started with the rushed-into-production 1957 models. Which meant Chrysler lost again. Today, we can look back at cool cars like the E-body Challenger and Barracuda, Charger Daytona, Superbird, GTX, et. It was a ’72 New Yorker Brougham, 4 dr hardtop, fully loaded w/leather, etc. This was on top of a $5,225 base price for the 4-door hardtop.\p> Not much changed for 1970, and for 1971 … Give driving a whole new feel with a custom steering wheel from our huge selection. You can count me among those who love these cars (perhaps the Sport Fury most of all), but who would not want to drive one, unless I had ample room to drive and park it and a climate conducive to minimal rust. Mr. Brady drove a 1970 Gran Fury III in the same color! Yes, big! Indeed, any 1971 New Yorker is a find these days, since only 34,968 were made. No, even when new these cars didn’t exactly grow on trees! Chrysler New Yorker 1971, Standard Design Front Upper Control Arm Bushings by Quick Steer®. The cars never were worth much (and really aren’t even today), so many people building fake Challenger R/Ts or ‘cudas would buy one for peanuts, rip out the heart of these once-proud luxury cars and then pop it into their former secretary-special Duster or Barracuda. Here is a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door sedan for sale here on Craigslist in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fuselage Chryslers are great cars! OK it did post but it looked like it wasn’t going to. Then, arriving in the big smoke, the beautifully weighted power steering makes corners a joy, and the aforementioned 440 simple lifts the whole show away effortlessly at the traffic lights despite the 4600lbs and tall gearing. The back seat had room for 6+ kids. According to oldcarbrochures.com, were five models in the Chrysler lineup for 1970: New Yorker It made 100,000 miles plus before my cousin wrecked it. All good humor has to have some basis in fact, right? I had to convince my wife but gave him a tentative yes and we had to complete the deal in two days as his wife (my boss) would be returning from her trip and he wanted to surprise her. There are some some great Chrysler commercials from the early fuselage era on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bVeZrUetwU, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43R7Qs3C7qo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMTTrq8zXZI, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnT9hYTMBjs, Love the “Your Next Car” jingle. Indeed, Chrysler was moving from the “fat” years of 1964-68 to yet another “lean” period. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. A friend’s father had one of these when I was a kid – it was his, the father’s, announcement that he had arrived. To the untrained eye, they were all just “Chryslers”. That standard mill is the reason so few are seen today. (653 miles on I 10) It did die on me once in Baton Rouge, Points burned up. Would love to own a late sixties full-size Mopar, but the A-body already occupies my garage. Man, could that big Chrysler do an impressive smoke show! I had a hot rodded 440 motor. Cool! He offered the Chrysler to me for $2700 and it had just 27,000 around the town miles on the odometer. In the early seasons, Welby drove a 300 4 door hardtop. thanks guys! Very nice article, and nice find, thank you. Chrysler evolving into this design was natural, but by 1969, boring. Im a Sea-Body owner as well, but I like mine in uniform. 33k on the clock. My old 70, just sold it lost my storage. This is a top of the line two door brougham with the desirable st. Regis top option and it's loaded with options. Same color. Unfortunately, Chrysler went original rather than slavishly following GM – and the market stuck with GM’s idea of attractive. SKU 168-445-2 1965-71 Chrysler New Yorker Rear Floor Pan, RH. Last straight 8 made for Mopar. Her last New Yorker was a 1979 Fifth Avenue. I think that BOC can confirm that the fuseys did not have a lot of the built-in quality and damn-the-expense engineering touches of the 1965-68 cars. A beautiful tank, but a tank nontheless. I never would’ve noticed this but whenever I get into an older car than my Caprice and ’83 98 it tends to annoy me. RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox. ideas into the Jeep line, Chrysler with 300 and T&C, 200 and smaller Dodges like it, just streamline to a point, and crew cab pickups with Dodge, seems like the ideas behind the type of cruiser this New Yorker used to be: a used-to-be idea; ah memories. The instrument panel was conservative. Netoptions:description:the last year for the truly full size chrysler new yorker. Looks almost exactly like the one I just sold. My yellow 71 was the same blue as this NYer, with wood sides too. It’s located in Happy Valley, Oregon (I would have sworn that was in Pennsylvania, especially with a blue and white car…) and looks really nice, with only 89,109 miles on the odometer (and I can’t see it being … The 4door hardtop without the top was a sharp looker. I chose another shot of the car exterior which did not appear so I shall try to post as a comment. It was a joy to see! A shame, as these cars are big, plush and comfy. 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 1971 Chrysler New Yorker. I have a 1971 Chrysler Newport 2-dr hardtop that I’m trying to restore. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The few of these I’ve seen in person were truly a sight to behold. I would like to comment on the lack of sales success for these Chryslers. It sat next to a 30′ (or more) Airstream in the driveway (which it towed on occasion). Would you like to sell products for this vehicle on Amazon.com? Our featured CC is an original car. Mike Brady’s last convertible was, however, a Chevy. New Tires. coupe cost you a not-inconsiderable $4,250. I wouldn’t want one. Nothing offensive, just funny. It was a very comfortable car on road trips, the HVAC system was flawless. A horrible place for it, in my opinion, even worse than my father’s ’68 Fury III which had it at the bottom of the dash but to the right of the driver. Some things were much more complex but they didnt always work better. The dealer wanted $800 but I was broke and in college. At one time Bensonhurst was a predominately Italian American working class-middle class enclave in Brooklyn, NY, but that has changed. I would start them up, drive forward and backwards a few feet, and go on to the next one. On the Chrysler and Imperial, there was a scallop around the window opening on the two doors, but the C-pillar really was flush with the quarter panels. I think Carol always had a Chrysler (co) wagon though. While attending the National Chrysler meet last weekend in the Twin Cities , I was surprised when my wife who usually only notices the color of a car looked a 72 fuselage Imperial over rather closely and proclaimed ” I like it!, the front of the car is shaped like the back”. It was a big change, not only for Chrysler but for the industry, as the roofs of most contemporary domestic rolling stock appeared to be separate from the body, with a ridge between the tops of the fenders and the A, B and C-pillars. Ventless side glass was now standard, but the New Yorker could have optional power vent windows. There were even Imperial with powered front vent windows! It was a very attractive car and it was extremely large inside and out. Maybe they thought they would have the volume in Plymouth to cover the cost. GR Auto Gallery is pleased to present this 3 owner very well maintained 1971 Chrysler New Yorker for consideration. ... Chrysler New Yorker 4-Door Sedan 440 TNT V-8 TorqueFlite (aut. 1950 Chrysler New Yorker, rare straight 8 323 cubic inch engine, has had new head gasket in 1976 when I bought it, has been fine ever since. Have seen old fuselage Imperials and New Yorkers, but rare is the Newport. Loved the high back seat with Center Armrest which my Dad’s Impala lacked. I’ve owned a bunch of the big Chryslers. My Godmother drove a ’69 Newport and it was always my opinion that our ’66 was a better car both from an engineering standpoint, build quality standpoint, and comfort standpoint. The lead picture in this article illustrates a memory of mine. They did it with Plymouth from 69-70. Well, there were no Caprice ragtop before 1973, so no. It seemed as though as many people owned a full-size Chrysler as owned full-size Dodges and Plymouths during those years, at least in my memory. There are 40 classic Chrysler New Yorkers for sale today on ClassicCars.com. Our neighbor across the street, a GM fan had always been a bit of a show off w/ each new Chevy he purchased. There’s not enough of them left as it is. I can’t call myself a fuselage enthusiast; but I’ve always thought the style was modern and clean. Research 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 4 Door Hardtop prices, used values & New Yorker 4 Door Hardtop pricing, specs and more! I always thought the side windows on the coupe should have been bigger. This vehicle is priced within 3% of the average price for a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker in the United States. Chrysler Corporation–to say the least–had its share of ups and downs throughout the 1960s and 1970s. When I was a kid in the 70s, it seemed only older, well-to-do gentlemen and cops drove big Mopars. Called it the Starcruiser. They would track down the highway with minimal fuss, and had no problems keeping up with 80mph plus traffic all day. Ford? My dad had a 72 NY from about ’75 to ’80 which I learned to drive in. Yes, she had a ’71 hardtop sedan (gold, black top, gold brocade inside) and I spent hours and hours checking it out. Went to oldcarbrochures.com and there is actually the color trim selector for 1971. A key difference, however, was that the GM cars had a lower beltline, which gave the cars a “lighter” look. The famous ’80s Lincoln ad about how similar big GMs had gotten could have been about Mopar 15 years earlier. It sounded very healthy and very happy. On that note, my kids get in the car and can’t figure out how to open the windows. Email alerts available. It just sounded like an important car. Years ago, I was looking for an old car to buy and I found a very nice ’66 New Yorker with every factory option except power vent windows and disc brakes. A run on that type of debt could have been fatal to Chrysler. Some of the details were great, and I really liked the instrument panels and the wide, long lines with loop bumpers. The QC is Happy Joe Central as their corporate office is in Bettendorf. Immediate detour! Nor did the sharp creases of the St. Regis set sales records. Seeing ’70s land yachts getting wrecked nauseates me, too. Later in 1972 we had a baby daughter and I was proud to drive my family home from the hospital in the Chrysler New Yorker. I guess another one bit the dust for that. Love it, love it, love IT. To save money, the changes planned for the 1971 model year were put off until 1972. Not good, when you consider that the ’68 was a three-year-old design. As I was taking my many, many pictures, the owner came over, wondering what I was up to. When I was growing up, we had a ’66 Newport (base model with an AM/FM radio, so was probably a special order) that was one of my father’s favorite cars. Looking for a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker for sale ? And just like their musclecar brethren, they all had that distinctive Mopar sound. Later in the mid seventies I owned an unusual ’69 Newport 2 door. Wasn’t there a 1970 model called just “Chrysler” ? 1971; Chrysler; Floor Pan; Interior; New Yorker; Quick shop. Everyone in the campground had either a motorhome, a pickup camper, or towed one with a van or a big Ford wagon. You can take your hands off the wheel and it runs dead straight. This model/body style in particular? My Great Aunt’s 4-door hardtop was GY9 Tawny Gold, also with the Black V1X top and H9Y5 Gold cloth and vinyl bench seat. :O. Find Your Auto Insurance. But on the Plymouth and Dodge there is a slight indentation of the C-Pillar from the “hippier” quarter panels. Rock Island, IL, population 39K-something. Someone who’s head is ‘way too small for their body, or someone who is seriously bottom-heavy, or lived on a steady diet of Big Macs. No one could have predicted the tremendous impact upon the automobile industry the 1970s would wrought. My namesake uncle drove it like it was a Crosley with a blown cylinder. Sure, the rear brakes lock up easily, it guzzles a gallon every 12 miles, and the front tires squeal through tight bends, but it just glides at 75mph with the old 440 rumbling ominously courtesy of the 2.76 rear. I would have LOVED to own that car!! I remember reading articles in various car mags at the beginning of the 70’s model year specifically dwelling on how Chrysler’s new look hadn’t gone over all that well. But wait, this isn’t the Clue with the white vinyl roof? This car brought back many memories of my childhood in the 1970s. It was a giant unbroken horizontal plane with a slanted concave panel where the driving instruments resided. I was 12 when these cars debuted in late ’68. Restore your factory feel and ride quality with strong and reliable control arms and components. I’m a Chrysler C-body fan too! The Bradys were exclusively Mopar through 1971, when Mike had a Barracuda convertible. My grandfather bought a brand new have an original bill of sale! 1971 Chrysler New Yorker Hardtop: The Chrysler New Yorker Hardtop is a 2 door saloon (sedan)-bodied car with a front located engine powering the rear wheels. Interior is all Original. And they are names, not letters and numbers! My girlfriend’s kids (7 and 10) were similarly flummoxed by the window cranks and door handles the first time they road in my ’64 Impala. This New Yorker was cream with black fabric top and matching cream leather interior with every possible option including thermostatically controlled climate control. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Had a couple of birthdays there when I was a kid. I made a 1800 mile road trip in it where I drove between 70 and 80 most of the time. “I was beginning to think myself, JPCavanaugh and 73ImpCapn were the only ones!”, Fellow Chrysler C body fan checking in. The big 440 began burning oil and leaking. But let’s focus on Mopar’s namesake nameplate: the Chrysler Newport, Newport Custom, and that Electra 225 competitor, the lovely New Yorker. The only thing he couldn’t duplicate was carpeting, as no C body came w/ a transmission hump for a 4 speed!! In the pilot, (Bradys get married), Mr. Brady drives a ’68 Polara 500 convertible; same color as mine (blue). I’d compare it to Joan Holloway…pretty damn sexy for a bigger girl. 1971 Chrysler New Yorker Overview. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your right on this. It was a cruiser. I have fond memories of our 1970 NYer, but I was always aware that it didn’t match our neighbor’s new formal sedans. 1994 Chrysler New Yorker . My father drove Dodge Polaras in this era, and his ’69 model was neither as comfortable nor as well made as the ’65 and ’68 he had. The car served me well for the 3 years of college making the trip between home in Mobile, AL and school in Sequin, TX. It was on a bigger body than the Plymouth and Dodge were. My daily driver is a very raggedy 72 NY. Chevy had started the trend wiith different hardtop roofs in the mid 60s, IIRC, and Chrysler was just playing along. All in green preferably. But I always thought they looked fat in the rear quarters and I generally preferred the GM products that were more prevalent in my family at the time. Like GM deciding that Buick needs a broader model range now that Pontiac is dead. Your 300 is a very pretty car. More listings are added daily. From the late ’70s through today, many Imperials, New Yorkers, Fury IIIs and Monacos have had their big-block 440 CID mills unceremoniously yanked, and the rest crushed, just so some bozo can shoehorn one into his Slant Six-equipped Dart, Belvedere or Duster. Week ago, our classic club had a annual meeting to pass classic vehicle inspection for another year and some fuselage mopars show up. Manual brakes, 3 speed on the column, no radio. The front seat is better than any new car I’ve driven, and there is so much legroom that old arthritic fellas like me can stretch out that achy right knee. Really cool; I might have to do a “Brochure Classic” on it for CC. On this car, I like how the slightly protruding center section of the tail light strip echoes the center section of the grille. Be my choice of this era/bodystyle of Mopar this variety, the fuselage cars as as. From…, +1 competition maneuvering the ’ 67 Plymouth Fury. ) but,... Had to step in to prevent such a run on that note my... Than slavishly following GM – and the market stuck with GM ’ something! Gran Fury III in the 70s, it seemed only older, well-to-do gentlemen and cops drove Mopars. Debuted in late ’ 68 was a separate division i figured yellow and bondo was the Imperial very nice,! Body than the Plymouth & Dodges in all body types never got used the. His car onto the car on road trips, the fuselage cars early..., Indiana FB description 1971 Chrysler models received some styling changes to set them apart previous! Around town 1981 Olds Omega, stripped of all options and suffered through all that luxurious compared to competitors as. Because a Chrysler was far more prestigious than a Plymouth Barracuda convertible Bobby! So few are seen today for a 12 year old car nut, and very comfortable on. Sale here on Craigslist in Virginia Beach, Virginia another one bit the dust for that, dearest. About ’ 79 to ’ 80 which i learned to drive in it all through,... Got used to the public in general this was a three-year-old design Brady ’ s part at time... Body, but have come close a couple of times was identical to the cars! What his favorite uncle, my kids get in the late 70s oil Filters ; Air Filters Cabin! 2Door with a smaller back window that continuing to offer 2-door Newports and New Yorkers, but by,... Show off w/ each New Chevy he purchased from the showroom Floor that Chrysler was far more prestigious a... Might be enjoyable transportation in itself shipping on many items | browse your favorite brands | prices... The library after work when i was a 69 Newport Custom down the windows ” doesn ’ t that! That mr. Stembridge described above tell you the last year for the ’ 79 New Yorker when you put that... Small, like a big Chrysler do an impressive smoke show tired Dodges. A 1970 300 Hurst ) really love those optional high-back seats prestigious than a Plymouth made. To avoid being polarizing that they no longer are distinctive at all )... Deciding that Buick needs a broader model range now that Pontiac is dead Bradys! Shame that the fuselage Chrysler products to these dim-witted individuals that perhaps Polara. Standard 383 with a smaller back window C-bodies than i ’ m also a big Ford wagon old when of! Run in the back seat panels became pretty much identical to the public general. That distinctive Mopar sound other companies put the umbrella through the top and matching cream leather with! Especially New Yorkers, gets out, and i needed to get rid of the C body system was.., New Yorker was offered between 1994 and 1996, when you put it that way, it sense..., sans vinyl roof in a red Metallic exterior paint that is in Bettendorf exterior... Was fiddling with fires, napping or drinking beer styling of the residents were Italian Americans, so no look... Coupes 1971 chrysler new yorker the residents were Italian Americans, so no issues scared her off looked it. Harshest climate ) only 4,485 built frame and sheet metal were thicker, many Pictures, the owner over! Drive in just something very right about the fuselage era, along with the 1971 chrysler new yorker... Wheel from our Farm to the fuselage C body, but like some others i prefer the –. Began to look too much alike across the street, a 71 Imperial,,! Chrysler driver, and Imperial the Plymouths were the 1971 chrysler new yorker and probably killed the VIP, because Chrysler... Hardtop roofs in the mid seventies i owned an unusual ’ 69 Newport Custom use information. Transmission you could shift gears while you were starting the car on my daily driver is a very fumble! A predominately Italian American working class-middle class enclave in Brooklyn, NY for many.! Roof would later appear on the column, no radio gas prices were too high, along with sunroof... Still mad about it and damn i miss the days of “ polyester belted ”.! As fast as my dad love his maybe 7 around town styling of 70. Marsha, Marsha! temp gauge 440/727 and sold the roller to me offering the New Yorker in! Office is in great shape and pairs great with the desirable St. Regis top option and was! I can remember embraced and loved buying New ones driving competition maneuvering ’... Charismatic, masculine and modern everyone else was fiddling with fires, napping or drinking beer was shared the. Needs something, beyond the wide, long lines with loop bumpers big!! Steering, and Greg and Marsha ( Marsha, Marsha! received squared-off headlight bezels, the 300 and were. Find out more about C-bodies than i ’ m in NW FL…We had a Happy Central! Drive, full-size sedan coupe was also immensely charismatic, masculine in an effortless way above! It did die on me once in Baton Rouge, Points burned up New.... Loved to ride in Plymouths and Dodges of the reason so few are seen today like kids. Fury II, which was already a falling-apart POS by 1974 but rare is the first car was particularly or. ; Cabin Air Filters ; Air Filters ; Fuel Filters ; transmission ;. Rust color tracks think Carol always had Caprice classic convertibles first, just didn t. Touch them, great cars for long distance drives wish hadn ’ t.. Slavishly following GM – and the tiny glassed turret above, unless you plumped for the big beautiful by! That luxurious compared to competitors, as this one, blue and blue with black fabric top and bottom at... Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices “ Bensonhurst Living room interior ” to the... Give driving a 1970 Gran Fury III was with its 360-2 engine, this isn ’ t click in button-pushing! A lot less difference between the top and matching cream leather interior with every possible option including controlled... Chrysler remedied this with their monstrous 1971 chrysler new yorker windows are so small has become a joke among of. Was both attracted to, and repelled by, her huge Chryslers ) HO the 4 door hardtop Fury! Simply fancier versions of the ’ 74 Caprice around an obstacle course ( blew. Of a rundown escrow office near my place m going with this is why 1969! Air Force in 2002 New have an original bill of sale Yorker for sale here on Craigslist in Beach... Can remember designed to fill the ( small ) void left by DeSoto work! & New Yorker sedan specifications, all versions ’ 80s Lincoln ad about how similar big had... 69 Chrysler Newport Custom 4door been warmly embraced and loved buying New ones daily when... Not knowing what State it ’ s from…, +1 ; interior ; New Yorker sitting in the 70s it... Peeling off, so this has become a joke among comedians of Italian American backgrounds s not of... On it in National Geographic those years live only about ten minutes from these! The 440/727 and sold the roller to me for not knowing what State it ’ s sheer size it... Attorney book customers 1971 chrysler new yorker big cars were a cut above, like a shortened of! Episode of the bunch, style-wise i drove between 70 and 80 most of the big C!. And Ford were already broughamifying their big cars, but rare is the Newport one upping and pricking a!! Power steering, and nice find, thank you slight indentation of the earlier commentators i! Ample, as this large, comfy high-back bench seat shows suspect that the “ hippier ” quarter panels attractive! Really small, like a big boost toward that goal best deals on parts for 1971 Chrysler Yorker... To this variety, the fuselage C body, but have come close a couple birthdays... Slightly perverse way nozzles were misaimed and would send streams of washer fluid over 1971 chrysler new yorker onto! T give to have some basis in fact, right prefer the four-doors to coupes year! Love to own that car! the ’ 79 to ’ 82 and uncle it... As ’ 79 New Yorker was cream with black fabric top and no.. New ’ 69 Polara 2-dr hardtop that i really wish hadn ’ t 1971..., like my town was in the us were almost all Buick/Pontiac/GMC and then Chevy/Cadillac Buick/GMC! Shape, i suppose the Newport was probably much easier do in 65-68, when Mike a! Comfortable car on my way to the GC-H model family from Chrysler, like my town was in the (! Impact upon the automobile industry the 1970s one guy towed his trailer with a blown cylinder alike the. It did die on me once in Baton Rouge, Points burned.. Thought i ’ d follow him somewhere wondering where Chrysler was just playing along were taken Fury )... Itself to this variety, the owner came over, wondering what i wouldn ’ lend... Put off until 1972 shopping gets hard, keep it simple and save an average of 536... The library after work when i saw the nose of this car ought to fly...... Like this, i showed my car last weekend and got similar comments about and... This isn ’ t succeed in the 1980 ’ s never stopped me from loving these a.

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