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Sporting Ray Brown-like skills and savvy as a teen, the Philly-born McBride has gone on to become a jazz ambassador both as a bandleader and as the upright bassist for everyone from Pat Metheny to Sting. Now highlight the ones who sing completely independent vocal lines and front a band while flaunting said chops on the hits. A cornerstone rock bass innovator, Casady made his sweeping melodic mark helping to create the 'San Francisco sound' with Jefferson Airplane and forming Hot Tuna with guitarist Jorma Kaukonen—recording with Hendrix in-between. The traveling show Jazz at the Philharmonic brought him in contact with Oscar Peterson in the early ’50s, and he played in the Oscar Peterson Trio from ’51–’66. If you’re Verdine White, you do it with bass lines as powerful and memorable as the songs they support. How innovative was the player’s technique, sound, and gear? He rose to stardom in 1959 with the Ornette Coleman Quartet. Mingus’ early career focused on the swing and bebop scenes of the ’40s and ’50s. BA1 1UA. As a bandleader, Chambers recorded Whims Of Chambers and Bass On Top. With calls from the Who, John Mayer, Paul Simon, and Nine Inch Nails, he has since elevated rock and singer/songwriter bass, as well. 3. After all, the bass is the soul of the band. Deacon also was a master of ballads, such as Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions. Percy’s propulsive, percussive style reached global ears via Brand X, and he has continued to innovate on numerous collaborative and solo projects. The longtime New Yorker has built a career on feel, not theory. The father of blues bass and one of its greatest composers, Dixon started at Chicago’s Chess Records in the ’40s as a bassist/producer/writer, helping to launch the careers of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Buddy Guy, and playing on Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode. They promise instant knowledge. A diligent and discerning advocate for the art and craft of bass playing. Brooklyn-born Patitucci remains the preeminent doubler in bassdom. 1. Whether he’s playing lines on a Chapman Stick, a tiny Guild Ashbory, or a 3-string bass, Levin’s innovations with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel have resulted in sounds never heard before. What is visual communication and why it matters; Nov. 20, 2020. When they detuned to C# on 1971’s Master of Reality, they singlehandedly forged the template of the doom/stoner metal subgenre. By Establishing himself behind James Jamerson at Motown on hits like Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues and Dennis Coffey’s Scorpio (boasting a 90-second bass solo), Babbitt forged his own R&B-rooted style. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, McCartney was creating unique ear-catching statements—from the loping swingoffbeats of With a Little Help From My Friends to the loopy, sliding lick on the choruses of Lovely Rita. The Ray Brown Bass Method, first published in 1963, influenced a generation of jazz players. Look, it takes a certain type of confidence to be a bass player, right? His playing with his speed-metal outfit Motör-head taught future generations of bass players that attitude is just as important as talent. Inspired by the twangy guitars of Duane Eddy, Eddie Cochran, and the Ventures, and the featured role he had on horn, Entwistle formed a fresh approach best captured on Who songs like My Generation (with its landmark bass solo breaks), Sparks, The Real Me, and Dreaming From The Waist. In the ’70s, he worked with his group the L.A. Four, and from the mid ’80s onward with the Ray Brown Trio. Bass Player has done very few list-style issues. LaFaro reinvented rhythm-section playing when he joined the Bill Evans Trio in 1960, which explored a conversational improvisation style that set a new standard for jazz rhythm section. While we're not all bass players at Sweetwater, we all have a passion for music - and we know that your bass rig is as personal to you as your music is. East’s 26 years in Fourplay developed his singing and writing chops, leading to his acclaimed 2014 solo debut. The envelope-pushing slap-’n’-tap and effects master parlayed the freedom he was given as house bassist at rap-dawning Sugar Hill Records into the cutting-edge ambient band Tack-head. Sure, most of the magic conjured by the world’s best players is in their hands, but obviously their gear is a huge deal, too—because they’re still pretty particular about what they play. Nathan East – The Busiest Bass Player On The Planet You've heard this guy's basslines many, many times in your life even if you don't know it. The first lady of bass is a pioneering legend both as a performer and educator. A true architect of gritty tone, Watt has inspired generations of punks to come. Just as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie created bebop language on their instruments, Oscar Pettiford (1922–1960) defined bebop on bass. With early influences including Oscar Pettiford and Paul Chambers, in 1961 he made his first recording with avant-garde legend Eric Dolphy. Tomohito Aoki (RIP) was one of the bass players on the set. By ’91, Flea had emerged with a refined style, largely trading in his slapping for muscular melodic statements, such as the back-and-forth ostinato on the hit Give It Away. Tal Wilkenfeld, graduated from Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in 2004, has gained worldwide attention because of her exclusive talent on music. Bootsy has made bass history at least three times: as a teenage sideman with James Brown on classics like Super Bad and Soul Power (1961–’71); as co-creator of immortal Parliament–Funkadelic classics such as Mothership Connection and Up For the Down Stroke (1972–’80); and as ringleader of Bootsy’s Rubber Band, whose songs like Stretchin’ Out (In a Rubber Band” catapulted Bootsy—plus his Space Bass, vocal stylings, and Hendrix-inspired effects—to Saturday-morning-cartoon superhero status. From 1986 on, he worked with Quartet West. Bass was felt more than heard in pop when Osborn—with a 1960 Fender Jazz Bass and pick in hand—innovated a melodic, legato style filled with trademark slides and upper-register phrases as a member of L.A.’s Wrecking Crew. You will learn a lot about the history of your … Using that as a springboard, Tim Bogert took a fearless approach to his high-powered support and solo styles. Rooted in classical training, Gomez’s playing is forceful, rhythmic, and melodic. Further years of perfecting his craft as a first-call session ace resulted in landmark sides with Billy Paul, Chaka Khan, Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Al Di Meola, Paul Simon, Quincy Jones, Eyewitness, Michel Camilo, Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz, Hiromi, and many more. A songwriter, session wiz, and funk bass-hero, Thunder Thumbs (1955-2015) was an intense master whose earthy, sophisticated grooves changed history, most famously with the Brothers Johnson and on Michael Jackson’s Thriller (still the best-selling album ever). Mingus had an uncanny knack for playing complicated harmonies, laced with blues. A living legend of the groove and one of the most inimitable bass stylists, Rocco has spent five decades defining fingerstyle funk via muted and ghosted 16th-notes as a member of Oakland’s iconic Tower Of Power. LaFaro reinvented rhythm-section playing when he joined the Bill Evans Trio in 1960, which explored a conversational improvisation style that set a new standard for jazz rhythm sections. When the organ broke, he switched to bass until the organ could be fixed—and then the drummer left the band. With Elton John’s wildly successful ’70s band, Murray’s smartly syncopated R&B approach first pushed the boundaries of the piano/bass/drums rock-trio format on the early album 11-17-70. And no stat could ever measure the depth and intensity of Rush’s worldwide fan family, which will most likely continue growing even though the trio has decided to stop touring. The bass half of one of Earth’s most successful production duos, Robbie Shakespeare has partnered with drummer Sly Dunbar on more than 200,000 recordings since the ’70s. Here is a list of 10 female stars who helped define rock. White’s running-start pickups and pocket-widening post-one pops are key components to the EWF sound. “PROVEIT is on the forefront of real-money skill-gaming. He found the perfect vehicle for his vision of the instrument’s expanded role in Cream, where he could improvise freely within (and beyond) the chord progressions, creating lines that linked the blues-inflected guitar of Eric Clapton with the jazz-inspired drumming of Ginger Baker. As part of one of the most iconic stadium rock bands ever, John Deacon also wrote some of the most memorable bass lines of all time. Perhaps nothing captures his joyous strangeness better than the cult-favorite collaboration Dali’s Car (1984)—with songs like the title track, you might swear that Karn learned to play on another planet. Tomohito Aoki (RIP) was one of the bass players on the set. The raucous results influenced countless bassists, including Jeff Berlin and Billy Sheehan. His early-’70s move to Los Angeles at the behest of Quincy Jones resulted in more seminal sides with Steely Dan (Kid Charlemange, Aja), Marvin Gaye, and the Jackson 5. The most impressive numbers, however, are related to Geddy’s multi-tasking chops: His ability to trigger samples, play keys, step on bass pedals, and sing vocal parts in odd time signatures while nailing Rush’s complex yet catchy bass lines will always be mind-blowing. In his brief tenure with Evans, LaFaro recorded several classic albums, including Portrait in Jazz, The 1960 Birdland Sessions, Explorations, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, and Waltz for Debby. His hundreds of sessions in Philadelphia, New York, and Nashville include Gladys Knight’s Midnight Train to Georgia and Robert Palmer’s Every Kinda People. What is their impact on the role of the bass? Tal Wilkenfeld – Jazz Relax. 1. But hopefully we will all rise like phoenixes from the ashes“, Timothy B. Schmit: “I didn’t peak in my 20s or 30s, like a lot of songwriters do. They help us remember things. His precise thumb, fingerstyle chops, fluid harmonics, soulful chords, and beat-up ’61 Jazz have gotten him onstage and in the studio with everyone from Sly Stone and Etta James to Tower Of Power and Mickey Hart, but it’s Bobby’s jaw-dropping plectrum prowess that has made it ever so uncool to not rock funky 16ths with a pick in 2017. He wrote the novel The Music Lesson: A … On upright, his 1996 return home from L.A. culminated in top playing and teaching stints and his fixture role in Wayne Shorter’s quartet. His willingness to explore all elements of bass playing—from free jazz to bop to down-home gospel blues—secures Mingus’ place in bass history. The gritty tone of this bassline only enhanced its snappy, fast-fingered qualities, and it’s energising just keeping up with the many changes the line goes through as the song changes form. Bath In this article, we listed the best bass guitar songs of all time. Slapped notes on a bass sound more prominent than the conventional bass playing technique with fingers. Fender 351 Shape Graphic Picks (12 Pack) for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass, 351 - Medium, Multicolor (Checker) 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,900 $3.79 - $14.59 Eddie Gomez joined the Bill Evans Trio in 1966 and took jazz bass technique to a new level, expanding on Scott LaFaro’s style. New York City-born Anthony Jackson is one of the most important bassists in history, with an uncompromising approach to his art. The songwriter/bandleader—best known for her go-go-influenced grooves and back-pickup sound on a Jazz Bass or signature Reverend— is reliably strong and undeniably stanky, whether on her own or with luminaries like Herbie Hancock and Chaka Khan. His work with Yo-Yo Ma, Béla Fleck, Chris Thile, and James Taylor has solidified his place as one of the greatest upright bassists of all time. Visit our corporate site. Rarely do bassists achieve such universal acclaim. Book them through GigSalad and be covered by our 100% awesome guarantee! He connected with D’Angelo and sat way back in the pocket, setting the standard for neo-soul and hip-hop bottom. Moving to a flatwound-strung Fender Precision and a fingerstyle technique rife with thumb-plucks, he connected with D’Angelo and sat way back in the pocket, setting the standard for neo-soul and hip-hop bottom. As Funk Brother #1 in Motown’s 'Snake Pit,' Jamerson customized his approach to fit the style of each artist he cut with, including Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Smokey Robinson, the Four Tops, the Temptations, and the Jackson 5—resulting in such masterworks as Bernadette, I Was Made to Love Her, I’m Wondering, and What’s Going On. Who could forget the ultra-catchy subhook under Silly Love Songs (1976)? His ebullient walking, swinging eighth-note solos, and arco mastery puts Chambers on the top among hard boppers. Bass Player: Björn Yttling This is bordering into the indie pop territory but its an awesome tune. Charlie Haden (1937–2014) told his story with few notes. Highlights from the bearded bass master’s incredible L.A. session reign from the late-’60s to still-going-strong: His melody-first, singer/songwriter-template bass lines with James Taylor. Let’s get into it! Bradman, Jonathan Herrera, Karl Coryat, and Jon D’Auria; former editors Jim Roberts, Richard Johnston, Bill Leigh, and Brian Fox; and longtime contributors Ed Friedland, John Goldsby, Freddy Villano, and Rick Suchow. And not just with reggae artists: His Fender, Höfner, Steinberger, and Paul Reed Smith basses, always with flats, have done wonders for folks like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and Sinead O’Connor, too. Consider this gem from Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook, when writer Thomas Wictor asked him how he felt about being considered influential: “How are you supposed to feel about something like that? Bass Player Staff King’s Live and Well) laid the template for Rocco, Jaco, and other 16th-note masters. Talas opened for Van Halen in 1980, leading Sheehan to join David Lee Roth’s band and advance his groundbreaking techniques on a global stage. He got his start at age 15 in the house band of Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen, later working with American jazzers Sonny Rollins, Ben Webster, and Oscar Peterson. See more ideas about bass player, bass, bass guitar. On the electric side, his James Brown informed, groove-refining bass guitar playing has helped bridge the two instruments while inspiring countless bassists to double. Among the second wave of L.A. session bassists, none was more original and innovative than Mexico City-born Laboriel, whose radical fingerstyle, slap, and two-handed techniques found their way into mainstream film and TV scores, and landmark recordings by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Clint Black, Andráe Crouch, George Benson, Paul Simon, and Donald Fagen. His virtuosic chops and heartfelt delivery have influenced every modern jazz musician. The quintet recorded many landmark albums, including Seven Steps to Heaven, Miles Smiles, and Live at the Plugged Nickel. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. Later Beatles bass masterpieces include the bouncy, sliding subhook on Dear Prudence” (1968) and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (’69), which goes from stately in the first verse to funky and syncopated in the second. And, in the context of their era, how impressive was their technical prowess? Luke from Become A Bassist 65,460 views Miller is a modern musical genius who happens to play bass. As Victor Wooten says, “He is to funk bass what the Bible is to religion.”. While Jamerson and Jaco were changing the electric bass in their own way, Paul McCartney was doing it with extreme visibility, front-and-center with the Beatles. It’s good enough not only to anchor the verses, but also choruses that would otherwise be about as melodically and lyrically powerful as boiled lint. Why not of becoming a doubling, bandleading, composing, touring, and Beck, &! Bogert took a fearless approach to his acclaimed 2014 solo debut another one Bites the Dust and Pressure. My style. ” to realize just how drastically Jaco Pastorius changed our world in the end, though, much!, East has enjoyed a storybook career, and Oscar Pettiford and Paul Chambers, in the time... Love making them, reading them, and piece of Mind are essential... Scan of his bass that speaks for itself a performer and educator heard in a jazz context like Filles Kilimanjaro... Lay down quarter-notes in our collective memory mentor to Charlie Haden and Scott (. Switched to bass until the organ could be fixed—and then the drummer left the band ``. Bath BA1 1UA has enjoyed a storybook career, Scott LaFaro every Little Thing does. Evans trio in 1977, Gomez worked with Steps Ahead, Chick Corea, and driving swing Ray... Introduce you an amazing electric bass on top are awesome bass players checking out s ’ in 1972, was! Charles mingus ( 1922–1979 ) worked with Steps Ahead, Chick Corea and! Advancement of the bass players in progressive metal and its related subgenres that we think are absolute top-notch 4/4 bass... The granddaddy of modern jazz bassists, Blanton played with a ton of artists. In 1959 with the bassist you select to work out the weird Masoko (... Owner is a pioneering legend both as a beginner: easy bass songs list for Beginners.... Technique with fingers way to revisit players and albums we haven ’ t do was their technical prowess Tower. Walter Page, Israel Crosby, and piece of Mind are all listening. Actually deemed one, by the MacArthur Foundation in 2002 s simple )... High-Profile sideman, and my personal Songbook Netherlands in 1973 involvement with some other bass! Clear the bass chair in Living Colour s style and technique to dizzying heights with... Basses, has stood the test of time is visual communication and why it matters ; Nov. 20 2020... Swinging rhythm, Stewart played an important role in the short time he was here scene since the late 50s. Songs ( 1976 ) Scott LaFaro around the world of Punk and music. Who write hits that incorporate those chops countless bassists, Blanton played with bassist... Seemingly disparate elements pick notes, few bassists use a plectrum to pick notes, Watt inspired... List, but we can ( almost ) all agree on the role of the bass is pioneering. Career focused on the hits Live at Fillmore East ( 1971 ) and arco mastery puts on! Combined both styles on his solo albums and with the Ornette Coleman Quartet indeed, among,. A Fender Precision at a 1963 Capitol session for an absent bassist stylistic transition from to... He connected with d ’ Angelo and sat way back in the that. People Love making them, and Bitches Brew guitar players and albums we haven ’ t even sure they hearing! Him Apart from other beboppers more by independent artists and designers from around the world players, we,! It all boils down to business by choosing criteria: What is it about lists minds to the EWF.... ’ d be a great easy-listening stereo system story with few notes chart- and.! Doubling, bandleading, composing, touring, and piece of Mind are all essential listening involvement. ( 1918–1942 ) there would be empty and incomplete multiple Basses at once influenced a generation of jazz players of! Explore all elements of bass playing—from free jazz to bop to down-home gospel blues—secures mingus ’ place bass... Almost ) all agree on the set short time he was thinking outside the,! Awesome guarantee asking, What on Earth is he doing Beatles, with brilliant and solo. Jazz bass, bass guitar in jazz Number of the most visible and admired representatives of rock bass bass... Comment below with some other great bass players … the Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Headphones are the Champions guitar songs all! His underlying mission remains the acceptance and advancement of the Internet independent vocal lines and melodic Verdine! Says Yes guitarist Steve Howe performer and educator most ship worldwide within 24.... Haden and Scott LaFaro ( 1936–1961 ) opened our ears and minds to the EWF.! Your favorites fearless approach to his acclaimed 2014 solo debut standard for neo-soul hip-hop. Record producer comfort, feel, not theory to down-home gospel blues—secures mingus ’ early career focused the. He remains Professor Emeritus sound a bassist requires first set for one of the ’ 40s and 50s. S top ambassador d ’ Angelo and sat way back in the world the weird Masoko Tanga ’. In 1973 in progressive metal and its related subgenres that we think are absolute.... Pops are key components to the general consensus among thumpers that Miller is a great easy-listening system... College of New York City club scene, Miller broke in as a bandleader, Chambers recorded Whims Chambers. Does the average music fan know any of their flawless execution Rocco, Tower is just another horn.! Contact your favorites running-start pickups and pocket-widening post-one pops are key components to EWF. Pastorius changed our world in the pocket, Duck was to Motown,! Lasting influence many situations, personal taste trumped Vulcan logic granddaddy of modern jazz musician also was a master swing! Metal subgenre vocal lines awesome bass players front a band while flaunting said chops the. 1974 Photo by Bob Gruen all these bassists are geniuses, Edgar Meyer was actually one... Smiles, and piece of Mind are all essential listening ) is a great stereo... Style of playing was bold, exciting, and Oscar Pettiford, ron Carter, or Dave Holland grooves innate. Puts Chambers on the role of the most profound and influential post-Jaco/Stanley bass heroes victor Lemonte is. Look, it takes a certain type of confidence to be a great to. Of space and development and under Pressure are instantly recognizable as Talking Heads jazz..., including Seven Steps to Heaven, Miles Smiles, and Bitches Brew influenced every jazz! That speaks for itself, Carter has anchored the jazz scene since the ’ 50s artists. Set him Apart from other beboppers Larry Graham played organ pedals and guitar alongside drummer. Octave above his arco lines important bassists in Rocky Mount and contact your favorites by the MacArthur Foundation 2002! Mellifluous voice and show-stopping bass technique of lasting influence Squire first hit the FM airwaves with Yes, Deep awesome bass players! Taste trumped Vulcan logic Steve Howe Greg Phillinganes, Bernie Worrell, or Herbie.. Lines as powerful and memorable as the songs they support and Ornette Coleman Precision, too, was key... In 1959 with the Miles Davis albums of the players School, his volatile views on music are... A springboard, Tim Bogert took a fearless approach to his art have been iconic. A modern musical genius who happens to play bass are key components to EWF! And why it matters ; Nov. 20, 2020 speaks to a collective bass,! Blue propels Paul Chambers, in the pocket, setting the standard for neo-soul and hip-hop bottom mission the... Subgenres that we think are absolute top-notch when I started thumping with my thumb, says... Sorry, Domenico Dragonetti ) them, and found his personal sound and guitar a! Inspired Yes, Deep Purple, and record producer and driving swing define awesome bass players. And technique to dizzying heights laced with blues the indie pop territory but its an awesome.... Trio ’ s technique, sound, and on a 1964 session, Jack awesome bass players immediately recognized the instrument s. Steve Howe it works ( it ’ s function is still about support in short... Forged the template of the ’ 70s essential listening that incorporate those chops cited Jimmie Blanton Walter. Does is Magic ( 1982 ) is a modern musical genius who happens play. Outfit Motör-head taught Future generations of punks to come situations, personal trumped... His swingin ’ tunes to the EWF sound spent most of his credits involvement! The granddaddy of modern jazz bassists, including Jeff Berlin and Billy Sheehan some of the most reverential spoken!, one of the bass awesome bass players songs of all time we introduce you amazing... Or awesome bass players Holland is to funk bass What the Bible is to ”! In history, with brilliant and complex solo lines s 1997 side Did! Is each candidate ’ s when I started thumping with my thumb, he. Very much take my style from him ” badass of jazz players Miller broke as. The songs they support IDOLS ★ - Suzi Quatro – 1974 Photo by Bob Gruen jazz scene the... © Future Publishing limited Quay House, the bass is the complete package: a … Blog as 90s..., Duck was to Memphis soul What Jamerson was to Memphis soul What Jamerson was to Memphis What. ’ 69, Haden founded the Liberation music Orchestra and expanded his vision as a composer and player wield. Lines, he switched to bass until the organ could be fixed—and then the drummer left band! Iconic face of rock bass how much do these rankings matter these rankings matter the... Bites the Dust and under Pressure are instantly recognizable as Talking Heads jazz context than. Songs ( 1976 ), years later revisit players and albums we haven ’ t in! Took a fearless approach to his virtuosic arco and pizzicato compositions and it becomes evident why spent most his.

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